True Islam is to unite the world with Love and Kindness

True Islam

Believes in the Oneness of God

That God who teaches human beings to live with each other in peace, compassion and love irrespective of your religious beliefs or no beliefs.

Believes that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was a Mercy for Mankind

Muslims should follow the example and practices of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) who served humanity, creating peace in society, advocating freedom of choice, religion, belief or no belief which was for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Believes that Islam’s message of peace is universal

Rejecting all forms of terrorism and advocates justice against all forms of cruelty, corruption and disorder.

Believes in loyalty to your country of residence

The Holy Prophet, Muhammad (pbuh) said the love of your country is part of your faith.

Believes in equality
of Women

No other religion has safeguarded the rights of women as Islam has done. Islam and the Holy Prophet(pbuh) have  conferred upon women the greatest of kindness and established their rights – socially, economically and spiritually.

Believes that there is no punishment for Apostasy

As Islam grants complete freedom of choice to believe or not to believe.

Believes all people should have fundamental freedoms

such as religious, political, national and civil freedom

Believes in the separation of Religion and matters of the State
Believes in Muslim Leadership known as Caliphate

founded on the precepts of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) which is spiritual and has no political aspirations

Believes in equality of all nationalities and races
Believes our Jihad is of love, mercy and compassion

Our Jihad is not a Jihad of swords, guns or bombs. Our Jihad is not a Jihad of cruelty, brutality and injustice. Rather, our Jihad is of love, mercy and compassion. Our Jihad is of tolerance, justice and human sympathy. Our Jihad is to fulfill the rights of God Almighty and of His Creation

The True Islam campaign aims to provide a clear way
to distinguish true Islam from extremism